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1.     How Transport Management System Helps in Logistics?

Transport Management System (TMS) is an application used in Logistics companies to strengthen business operations and the supply chain. This well-developed software helps evaluate, implement, and improve the overall logistics experience.

Specially created for supply chains, TMS helps lower costs, improve efficiency, and elevate customer service. By automating the workflow and lessening the paperwork, this software offers various useful features such as:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Access to carrier details
  • Rate Comparison
  • Effective shipper hiring

Swiftrans Logistics, one of the trusted logistics companies in Canada possesses over 10 years of industry experience We are committed to implementing new technologies in business to improve the overall logistics experience for enterprises and individuals alike.

Let’s explore how TMS assists organizations in managing their operations:

1- Operations:

TMS helps the logistics company to run its operations smoothly. With the system’s quick booking facilities and record-keeping, businesses can track their goods in real time. Additionally, the platform facilitates sharing shipping information with customers for transparency.

2- Freight management:

The system helps to cover the most important aspect of any logistics or shipping business, freight management. TMS is effective to reduce your expenses, prevent wasteful spending, and automate operations for enhanced efficiency of both the processes and the staff. TMS collects data from various carriers promptly, enabling rate comparison for negotiation and cost savings. Everything is done under a single platform!

3- Cost control and improved efficiency:

Transport Management System (TMS) is designed to streamline the shipping process, providing useful data and statistics to enterprises. This software helps to manage your resources effectively. With proper planning, companies can reduce costs associated with fuel, manpower, and other expenses. Tracking activities across different departments becomes easier, allowing for informed decision-making.

4- Improved administrative services:

Administration plays a major role in any organization, especially in handling transport workflow. TMS consists of strong documented and reporting capabilities, facilitating organized billing, invoice creation, payments, and tracking other important data.

5- Improved customer service:

Transportation Management System enables you to deliver goods on time. The calculated delivery time by the TMS enables you to share the correct tracking details with the clients. Hence, customers experience a seamless order fulfillment process, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

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