Fleet Management

1. Tips to make your drivers effective and productive

In every trucking or logistics company, drivers are key players in success. It is not possible to run a successful business without a team of reliable drivers. Skilled drivers ensure safety on the roads and also help in minimizing unnecessary costs.

At Swiftrans Logistics — one of the trusted trucking companies in Canada, we understand the pivotal role of responsible drivers in operating our team effectively. We prioritize the clients’ orders and ensure secure delivery. While drivers are the backbone of the trucking industry, it is important to note that most accidents occur as a result of driver negligence rather than vehicle performance or condition.

Drivers are instrumental in guaranteeing the performance, safety, and maintenance of the vehicle, thereby directly impacting the profitability of the business.

Are you looking to help your drivers improve their performance?

There are some effective techniques that can help your drivers become more efficient, safe, and cost-effective for your fleet. Let’s understand the techniques below and to improve your drivers:

1- Identify increasing risk factors

Driver distraction is a leading cause of accidents without a doubt. The Transport Accident Commission reports that being distracted for 2 seconds from the road while driving at 50km/hr is equivalent to driving blind for 27 meters. Using mobile phones, even in hands-free mode, remains a constant distraction during driving. Furthermore, the consumption of alcohol, drugs, and even driver fatigue, pose serious risks for accidents. It is advisable to prevent these risk factors to have a safe and dependable journey.

2- Educate Drivers

Logistics companies must help drivers in understanding the risks and distractions that lead to road tragedies. It is crucial to change the driver’s mindset and behavior regarding safety. Training and education on these sensitive topics are most important. It is essential to keep drivers up to date considering the regular change in laws and regulations also.

3- Help embrace the company’s policies

Other than educating drivers about road safety measures and general laws, it is equally important for them to have a precise understanding of the company policy. At Swiftrans Logistics, we prioritize ensuring the drivers’ medical fitness before starting their journies. Hence, truckers should understand and adhere to the company policies. These company policies are mandatory for all members of the company. The fleet manager should assist fleet members in ensuring compliance so that there are no cases of law-breaking that can lead to punishment.

4- Utilizing Performance data:

Maintaining a performance sheet is important to track the performance of each driver. This data not only encourages them to improve but also helps them to stay organized. At Swiftrans, our truckers diligently follow the performance sheet data, which is also useful for risk analysis, that lets us formulate better fleet policies.

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