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Shipping sensitive and dangerous freights requires extra attention and care. If you are catering your customers with goods that require controlled temperature logistics for instance medicinal products, fresh fruits, beverages etc. then at any cost you would want to avoid Temperature Excursion.

Swiftrans Logistics an esteemed logistics company based in Canada specializes in temperature-controlled freight shipping. Given our experience in this field, we acknowledge the risk that is involved in this process and assure you that along with best shipping practices choosing the right packaging does the trick!

Before we learn what packaging to choose for temperature-controlled shipments let’s learn what we need to keep in mind while choosing the right packaging for the goods;

  • Know that for frozen, flowers and food products well-insulated foam containers works the best
  • You can do away with the use of extra coolants when you use thick foams for your goods
  • For any highly-sensitive goods TCP or Thermostat- Controlled Refrigerator should be relied on since it has an internal power source
  • All planks and foam coolers work best in the environment provided by corrugated boxes
  • Know that thermal bubble wrap, insulated foam sheets minimize the need for extra cooling

Let us know what packaging you require for packing your temperature-controlled shipments

  • Reefers: When you are catering to perishable goods transport items like vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products and medicinal essentials etc; Reefers are large temperature-controlled containers which offer the best protection to such goods
  • Insulation Devices (Insulated Cargo Blankets Foam Boxes, Quilts, Foam Cooler): Are popular choices for Medicinal fluids, Industrial chemicals, Water-Based Paints, Seafood, Meats etc
  • Labels for Hazardous Materials
  • Refrigerants (Liquid Nitrogen, Dry Ice, Gel Packs): Used for controlled temperature logistics
  • Corrugated boxes: Highly preferred for Temperature-controlled shipping and used widely.
  • Temperature Monitoring Devices: For extremely sensitive freights temperature monitoring devices helps to monitor the shipment in the entire journey. These devices enable you to track the real-time temperature of the goods and avoid any chances of Temperature Excursion.

You need to ensure that your goods are offered the best protection so that they can endure the whole journey each has been destined for. It is always advisable that you avail the best professional help when you are shipping your temperature-controlled shipments.

Why Swiftrans Logistics Is Your Go-To Logistics Partner For Shipping Your Temperature Controlled Shipments?

Temperature Controlled freight is a highly specialized area and requires seasoned knowledge for handling goods with proper management of temperature which otherwise can easily turn useless if the suitable condition is compromised with. Swiftrans Logistics is one such company which works in your best interest. We have skilled workers like efficient drivers who have been subjected to rigorous training and ensure dedicated lane trucking when it comes to handling hazardous and perishable goods transport.

Our 13 years of experience help us to offer you the best solutions in Logistics. So, availing our services is the best you can decide when it comes to your business. Swiftrans Logistics helps you to realize your potential and guide you to become the best.



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