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When it comes to shipping, be it via sea, road, or air,  here are some following factors which play an imperative role  — the cost of shipping, estimated delivery time, the nature of the shipment, necessary paperwork, cargo weight, and drop destination. It’s very essential to choose the correct modes and options. For instance, if you are catering to perishable goods transport and pick the slowest mode of delivery, then it will surely be disastrous or a loss!
One more factor which is essential and should be considered as a bitter truth — The size of a ship or truck can’t be adjusted according to the size of your cargo. And that’s why LTL shipping is effective for small and medium businesses. It means your shipment or cargo will cover only partial truckload. In other words, if your shipment covers 50% of the truckload, you don’t need to pay the complete freight charges and can opt for shared trucking. It allows other businesses to use the truck space following LTL convention and get their cargo delivered, like yours, feasibly. 

LTL can be a cost effective option for your business due to freight consolidation; however, it solely depends on the nature and demand of the goods. LTL has its advantages and disadvantages as well. 


  • Indeed, it’s cost-effective as you don’t need to pay fully for the shipment. 
  • It’s superbly reliable. 
  • A great relief booster for small and medium-sized businesses. 


  • It may take more time for your shipment. 
  • Some transitions take place; hence, the chances of damage are there. 

Less Than Truck Load shipping is the most sought option for consolidated shipment. It’s mainly for small and medium-sized businesses who don’t ship often and seek for a budget-friendly shipping option. 

Having said all that, the most crucial factor in any shipment is “trust”! You need a trusted/reliable logistic or shipment company. Swiftrans is one of that kind, be it freight forwarding, cross-docking, reverse logistics, supply chain management, project logistics, or dangerous goods movements, we leave no stone unturned to make your shipping experience amazing! We’re your all-weather trusted logistic partner!  

Feel free to contact us for any query or concern, we will walk you through the entire shipping journey and render you the best solutions. Grow and expand the periphery of your business with us.




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